Membership Committee

This committee coordinates the seeking-out of potential donors by all Trustee Associates and actively solicits new members.

Annual Meeting Committee

The annual meeting committee assists the Vice-Chairman in the planning for and actual operation of the Trustee Associate Annual Meeting. The committee is comprised of the current Trustee Associate officers (chair, vice-chair and secretary-treasurer), next year's chair, last year's chair, future TA chairs already named and one Trustee. One member shall be designated the Field Trip Chairman and shall be in charge of all aspects of the geologic field trip at each annual meeting. The Field Trip Chairman shall normally be a Trustee Associate from the area in which the field trip will be held.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for the selection of a single slate of officer-candidates and the timely reporting of this slate back to the Chairman so that the names may be circulated to the membership no less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Ad Hoc Committees

The Chairman shall appoint such temporary (ad hoc) committees as the Executive Committee shall deem advisable. They shall report back to the Executive Committee, and shall be discharged when no longer needed.

Trustee Associate Service Award Committee

This Foundation committee submits recommendations to the Foundation Trustees for the Trustee Associate Service Award. It is comprised of the current Trustee Associate officers and the immediate past TA chair.