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About the AAPG Foundation Trustee Associates


The AAPG Foundation was established in 1967 by the AAPG Leadership to carry out scientific, educational objectives through the use of charitable, tax-deductible gifts and contributions from AAPG members and corporate entities.

In 1978, the AAPG Foundation Trustees officially recognized a distinguished group of contributors, known as the AAPG Foundation Trustee Associates. This select group was organized for the purpose of:

Today, there are more than 280 Trustee Associates who play a stellar role in the development of the AAPG Foundation’s financial resources, thereby dramatically accelerating its ability to support scientific educational programs. There are more than 30 funds and programs supported by the Trustee Associates and other donors. Click here to review the annual report for information on the Foundation and programs supported by its donors.

Trustee Associates are governed by Bylaws and meet annually to conduct business meetings and participate in geologic field trips of regional interest. Spouses are encouraged to attend, and interesting activities are planned for their enjoyment. Click here for information on past and future meeting sites, dates and officers.

Current Officers

The Foundation Trustees have established awards for recognition of extraordinary philanthropy and service directed to advance the mission of the Foundation.

More information for current and future Trustee Associates can be found through the links in the menu to the left, or if you are interested in becoming a member of the Trustee Associates.

Other Action Items

During the various meetings held by the Trustee Associates and/or Foundation Trustees, several motions have been approved.