Joining the Trustee Associates

Members of AAPG who are invited by three Trustee Associates are eligible to join by virtue of their $10,000 contribution to the AAPG Foundation. This contribution may be given over a 5-year period and is tax-deductible to U.S. taxpayers, since the AAPG Foundation is a qualified 501(c)(3) public foundation under IRS tax code.

Thanks to many dedicated contributors, the AAPG Foundation's operating fund now covers the entire cost of operating the AAPG Foundation. This means that 100% of gifts go directly toward the purposes designated without the need to set aside a portion to cover administrative or overhead costs.

Contributions may be made in several forms. Consider the method which gives you the greatest tax benefits, as provided under U.S. tax law.

Special gift designations may be made to a specific program and/or in memory or honor of a special person, friend, relative, professor or colleague. Gifts of $25,000 and above are eligible for the establishment of an endowed program or named grant.

To join the Trustee Associates online, click here.

For more detailed information or to invite a member, please contact a Foundation representative at:

Toll Free: 1-855-302-2743
Direct: 918-560-2644
Email: Foundation Representative