Five Things You Can Do to Support the AAPG Foundation

Looking for a new way to support the next generation of geoscientists? Consider building these into your goals for this year.

1. Recognize the accomplishments of others.

The AAPG Foundation has an awards fund that is used to recognize excellence and accomplishments of many individuals in the geosciences, from students to teachers to stalwarts in the world who have made a difference.

2. Promote knowledge.

Support publications, be they online or on paper. Datapages, the Bulletin, Search and Discovery are just a few examples of worthy works of art and science. AAPG makes available many special publications each year as well. You can also support an amazing video production, lectures, student competitions, scholarships, K-12 programs and web services that are key in the dissemination of scientific information.

3. Build the future.

Many proposals are submitted to the Foundation yearly that are in need of funding. Some are research oriented, some are for field work, teaching or training. Your contributions enable more geoscientists and students reach their objectives. Have something specific in mind? You may want to support the Boy Scouts Geology Merit Badge program, or you may choose to provide financial assistance for college and university professors to help defray the cost of attending AAPG courses.

4. Remember someone.

Make a contribution to any of the wonderful programs that the AAPG Foundation supports, and do so in Honor of or in Memory of a special individual. We'll be sure to give them the recognition they deserve.

5. Get involved.

Your presence is requested! Attend one of AAPG's many events, including the annual meeting. Join a committee, or become an AAPG Foundation Trustee Associate, if you aren't one already. Follow this link for more information or call 918-560-2644.