About The AAPG Foundation

The AAPG Foundation was established in 1967 with the mission of providing a source of funding for educational, charitable and scientific objectives, which directly and indirectly benefit the geologic profession and the general public. Priorities include education and the recognition of educators, public outreach, knowledge preservation, dissemination of information and identifying and supporting emerging opportunities. Learn more about AAPG Foundation Priorities.

Members of the Corporation (COMPLETE ROSTER)

AAPG Foundation Corporation

Front Row L-R: AAPG Foundation Trustees, Paul Strunk, Ray Thomasson (Secretary), Bill Gipson (Trustee Emeriti), Jim Gibbs (Chairman), John Amoruso (Vice-Chair), Lee Backsen (Treasurer), David Worthington.

Back Row L-R: Members of the Corporation, Don O'Nesky, Robbie Gries, Bill Barrett, Jim McGhay,Rick Fritz, Frank Harrison, Jr., Larry Jones, Bob Ardell, Larry Funkhouser, Bill Fisher

The Corporation was formed in 1986 to establish a permanent entity to conduct educational, charitable and scientific activities related to or allied with the field of geology and for additional purposes as stated in the bylaws. In summary, the purposes include making contributions to organizations that support the Foundation’s objectives, to conduct research, disseminate information, assist in career guidance, assist schools, and provide scholarships, awards, fellowships and other kinds of support and activities to further education and knowledge in the field of geology and related fields.

There are approximately twenty regular members, six Trustee members and five Trustee Emeritus Members. Meetings are held annually and members are kept abreast of Foundation activities. The business of the corporation is managed by the Trustees.

The current Board of Trustees consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and two additional members empowered to formulate rules, regulations, and practices relative to the Foundation's day-to-day business.

GibbsJames A. Gibbs, Chair, B.S. 1957, M.S. 1961, University of Oklahoma, AAPG member 1957, AAPG President 1991, AAPG Honorary Member 1995, AAPG Certificate of Merit 1991 and 2001, Michel T. Halbouty Outstanding Leadership Award 2008, Distinguished Service Award 1987, Foundation Trustee Associate 1979, Member of the Corporation 1996, Board Trustee 1999, Secretary 2004 and Chair 2014.

AmorusoJohn J. Amoruso, Vice Chair, B.S. 1952 Tufts College, M.S. 1957, University of Michigan, AAPG member 1958, AAPG President 1984, Michel T. Halbouty Outstanding Leadership Award 2007, AAPG Certificate of Merit 1991, Honorary Member 1987, Norman H. Foster Outstanding Explorer Award 2010, A.I. Leverson Award 1970 and 1973, Foundation Financial Campaign Committee Team Leader 2005-2011, Distinguished Lecturer 1976-1977, Distinguished Lecture Committee 1975-1977, Foundation Trustee Associate 1984, Member of the Corporation 1986, Board Trustee 1986, and Vice Chair 1999.

GipsonM. Ray Thomasson, Secretary, B.A. 1956, M.A. 1953, University of Missouri, Ph.D. 1959, University of Wisconsin, Thomasson Partner Associates, Inc., AAPG member 1959, Distinguished Service Award 1995, Foundation Trustee Associate 1995, AAPG President 2000, AAPG Honorary Member 2003, Distinguished Lecturer 1988, Corporate Advisory Board 1974 and 1990, Member of the Corporation 2006, DPA Heritage Award 2008, Michel T. Halbouty Outstanding Leadership Award 2009, A.I. Leverson Award 1997, AAPG Certificate of Merit 2010, Board Trustee 2011 and Secretary 2013.

JonesLarry L. Jones, B.S. Geology Univ of Nebraska 1958, M.S. Geology Univ of Nebraska 1961; AAPG member 1962, Chair of House of Delegates 2006-07, Award of Excellence 2007, Distinguished Service Award 2009, Honorary Membership-House of Delegates 2012; AAPG Foundation Trustee Assoc. (Secretary 2014-2015, Vice Chair 2015-2016); Short Course Presenter AAPG National Meeting 2014.

backsenLee B. Backsen, Treasurer, B.S. 1961, M.S. 1963, Iowa State University, AAPG member 1981, Foundation Trustee Associate 1998, House of Delegates member 1998, Corporate Advisory Board member 1999, Certificate of Merit 2002, Member of the Corporation 2012, Board Trustee 2013, and Treasurer 2015.

WorthingtonDavid W. Worthington, Trustee, B.S. 1966, Marietta College, MS. 1968, Virginia Tech University, AAPG member 1982, Trustee Associate 2001, Member if Corporations 2013, Board Trustee 2015.

Legacy Society

The Foundation's Legacy Society was established in 2008 by the Board of Trustees to honor and recognize donors who have advised the Foundation of their creation of a legacy gift to the Foundation through their estate plans.

Learn more about Estate Planning.

If you are committed to supporting the Foundation's mission through a bequest or other planned gift, click here to request details to join the AAPG Foundation Legacy Society. Names of Legacy Society members are published in the AAPG Foundation Annual Report and distributed to members.

Mission Statement

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation mission is to support educational, charitable and scientific objectives that directly and indirectly benefit the geologic profession and general public