Donor Rules and Regulations

The Grants-In-aid program is flourishing, thanks to many wonderful donors and an amazingly dedicated committee that works to ensure the integrity of the program.

The purpose of this page is to provide you with program mechanics as they function at the present time. It not only mirrors particulars in the AAPG Foundation/Donor agreement that is in use today, it also gives additional information that ensures compliance with our 501(c)(3) guidelines.

Thank you for your interest and support of this significant program. Please contact a Foundation Representative at or (918) 560-2644 if you have any questions or would like to contribute to a named fund.

Grants-In-Aid Program Donor Rules & Regulations


To establish an AAPG Foundation/Grants-in-Aid restricted grant that would be awarded annually from the proceeds/earnings of contributions from donors which are designated for that purpose.


A graduate geoscience student recipient shall be chosen annually by a committee appointed by the AAPG Foundation and awarded a grant from the grants-in-aid fund. The student must attend a recognized college or university, and the research must concern the origin, exploration and development of geology or petroleum geology.

Grant Funding

The grant may be a Named or a Memorial Grant, titled by the donor. The establishment of a new grant requires a minimum of a $25,000 corpus payable to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation. Contributions must reside in the fund for one full calendar year and be included in the spending plan before disbursement. The Fund and its earnings are managed by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation. Grant amounts are calculated according to the spending rate which is approved annually in the spring by the AAPG Foundation Trustees and form the annual distribution for the grant. Grants are given in amounts of $1,000, $1,500, $2,000, $2,500 and $3,000. Contributions to a named or memorial grant not yet totaling $25,000 must reach that amount within three years of the date of the initial establishment of the corpus. The donor(s) may continue to add to the corpus at any time. All Grants-In-Aid contributions reside collectively in the AAPG Foundation Grants-in-Aid Fund.


The donor will be recognized in the AAPG Explorer and annually in the AAPG Foundation’s Annual Report. Other public relations opportunities include the AAPG Foundation website, brochures and all call-for-nominations of the Grants-In-Aid program. Thank you letters from recipients and copies of abstracts will be forwarded to donor.


The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization under IRS guidelines; its tax identification number is 73-1298684. The Foundation is charged with soliciting, receiving, investing and coordinating private gifts which benefit the AAPG Foundation and its programs. According to IRS guidelines, decisions regarding the distribution of donations made to the AAPG Foundation are made at the discretion of the Foundation. Certain designations are accepted and are fulfilled, within the Foundation’s legal requirements.

The Education Awards Committee is charged with choosing an annual recipient. Currently, there are 60 persons on this committee that score each project three times. The Chairperson then assigns the grants based on the top scores and restrictions on each grant. The donor may contribute designation/restrictions regarding the distribution of the scholarship. These will be given first consideration by the committee. If the above designations/restrictions cannot be met from the pool of qualified applicants, the committee will award the grant to a qualified candidate based strictly on the scoring criteria. The committee may not award the grant if there are no qualified applicants as determined by the GIA committee based on the scoring criteria. In that case, the grant would roll over to the next year. The recommendations of the Committee are approved by the AAPG Foundation Trustees.

Donor Limitations—Donor Intent

Donor Intent with regard to the Grants-In-Aid Program consists of a donor who commits to establishing a grant through the AAPG Foundation Grants-In-Aid program. Upon the initial naming of the grant and providing award criteria preferences such as those listed below, the donor’s input is complete. The donor may specify university(s), a particular field of study, AAPG section preference and/or a GPA minimum. The Education Awards Committee will meet as many of the criteria as possible from among the qualified applications submitted. Control on the behalf of the donor beyond what is stated above can be misconstrued as “strings attached” and would void the donor’s charitable tax deduction. In no instance may the donor identify a particular recipient or discuss the applicants with any member of the committee, the Foundation staff or the university.

Upon approval by the AAPG Foundation Trustees, all decisions are considered final. Upon approval, the awardees will be announced and the donor may make contact with recipient.


Two years following the establishment of the Named/Memorial Grant, unfunded named grant donors are sent a letter as a reminder of the terms. Any grant established but unfunded after a three-year time period would be dissolved. Notification will be provided to the establishing donor(s) and all monies would be dispersed at the discretion of the Grants-in-Aid Committee within the program.


The applications are the property of the AAPG Foundation and access is limited to the student, the GIA Committee and the Foundation Staff.