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Students at Your Alma Mater Need a Name They Can Look Up To.

May We Suggest Yours?

Help Assure the Future of Geology at your Alma Mater

Through your establishment of an endowment to the AAPG Foundation Digital Products University Alumni Fund, students at your Alma Mater can directly benefit from four generations of geoscientists' scientific experiences and achievements.

The Digital Products University Alumni Fund is a special endowed segment of the AAPG Foundation Digital Products Fund, which provides a way for alumni to give a gift to their university. The Foundation will pay the Digital Products University subscription fee each year so students will have uninterrupted access to the entire AAPG Digital Library -- over 600,000 pages of international, national, and regional libraries of petroleum and geology and geophyics information.

A one-time gift of $12,500 will endow a subscription in the name of your designated University and at the same time honor the donor, an esteemed colleague, a family member, a great teacher or someone of his or her choosing. The name of the endowment honoree and/or the donor can be prominently mentioned on the University's access page.

The Digital Products University Alumni Fund was initiated in 2004 when a group of friends of the late Paul McDaniel established a university subscription endowment for Oklahoma State University. Since that time, endowments have been established at:

Austin College, Baylor University, Beloit College, Bryn Mawr College, Colorado School of Mines, Columbia University, Franklin & Marshall College, Indiana Univesity, Kansas State University, Kazakh National Technical University, Louisiana State University, Miami University, Monmouth College, Oberlin College, Oregon State University, Princeton University, Rice University, San Diego State University, Southern Methodist University, Stanford University, Stephen F. Austin University, Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, Trinity University, Tulane University, University of Calgary, University of California (Berkeley), University of Houston, University of Illinois, University of Iowa, University of Kentucky, University of Miami, University of Michigan, University of Missouri, University of Nebraska, University of Oklahoma, University of Southern California, University of Texas (Austin), University of Utah, University of Wisconsin, University of Wyoming, and Virginia Tech University.

Guarantee Students at Your Alma Mater A Wealth of Geological Information

Decades of hard-working geologists carefully wrote about their oil and gas discoveries so you and others could cost-effectively explore for hydrocarbons.

Now you have an opportunity to give back to your Alma Mater and make it easy for students there, or at any other school you choose, to look through whole collections of geological data for the information they need. Best of all, your gift provides for students in perpetuity -- you'll be giving to those who study geology now and far into the future -- as long as your Alma Mater has a geology department.

You see, AAPG Publications has been carefully compiling our exploration heritage, and students at your Alma Mater can look up this rich heritage in The AAPG Digital Library.

You can make dreams of discovering the next huge hydrocarbon field a reality.

How? The AAPG has compiled over 600,000 pages of maps and geological information into AAPG Digital Library. Current collections available today are:

  • AAPG Bulletin
  • AAPG Special Publications
  • Ardmore Geological Society
  • Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology
  • East Texas Geological Society
  • Fort Worth Geological Society
  • Gulf Coast Assoc. Geological Societies (GCAGS)
  • Houston Geological Society
  • Indonesian Petroleum Association
  • Lafayette Geological Society
  • Journal of Petroleum Geology
  • Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)
  • Kansas Geological Society
  • New Orleans Geological Society
  • Ohio Geological Society
  • Oklahoma City Geological Society
  • Panhandle (Amarillo) Geological Society
  • Wyoming Geological Society
  • Tulsa Geological Society

Your gift will make this information immediately available for students to access with the touch of a computer key.

The AAPG Digital Library Future

The following collections -- thousands more pages -- are being added to the online Digital Library and will be available to students in the next 18 months:

  • Abilene Geological Society
  • Circum-Pacific Council of Energy and Mineral Resources
  • Corpus Christi Geological Society
  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Geologists Special Publications
  • Dallas Geological Society
  • Geological Society of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Pacific Section of AAPG
  • Society of Organic Petrology

Your gift to The AAPG Foundation is an amazing opportunity. It allows you to guarantee three things: generations of students will get the kind of help that made your career possible; your Alma Mater will continue to educate the leaders in our field; and you will be supporting the AAPG Foundation in amassing this critical Digital Library.

Give to the Foundation Digital Products Fund today!
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