Grant Application Format Guidelines

The following guidelines are developed to assist with the communication, review and timing of grant proposals submitted to the AAPG Foundation.

The proposal should include the following to be considered:

  1. Executive Summary - Summary should include one to two pages which describe the program or reason for the funding.
  2. Narrative - The narrative should include a “detailed” description of the funding request and how it applies to the mission of the AAPG Foundation and fits within the funding priorities.
  3. Financial Information - Data should include funding amount required and an explanation as to how the funding will be utilized and to whom the funding will be directed. Please note that it is critical that a grant proposal contain a request for the exact amount required for the proposed program.
  4. One page organizational chart - if applicable.
  5. Collaborative or cooperative support - Current listing and explanation of agreements with other organizations.
  6. Other funding - A listing of other funding sources.
  7. Timing - if the grant is time sensitive, please provide a schedule.

Formatting notes: Proposals should be submitted using a 12-point font (Times or similar) and one-inch margins on all sides with pages numbered. Proposals should not be placed in binders or folders; as a staple or paper clip is sufficient.

Grant Proposals will be requested after review and approval of the LOI.

Grant Proposals should be sent to:

AAPG Foundation
Attn: Natalie Adams
P.O. Box 979
Tulsa, OK 74101-0979

The grant proposals will be reviewed by the AAPG Foundation within three to six months, and feedback on the status of the proposal will take place within two weeks after the review by the Foundation Trustees.