Funding Overview

Since its existence, the AAPG Foundation has provided over $20 million in total support of its mission. All of the AAPG Foundation’s funding decisions are made by a Board of Trustees that meet at least three times annually to review proposals. The Board of Trustees welcome applications for grants to projects and programs which fulfill its mission, based on available funds and at their discretion.

Funding Process

The grant application process for the Foundation is a four-step process:

  1. Review the Foundation's Bylaws “Purposes and Objectives” funding priorities and restrictions to make sure your request coincides with the Foundation's mission, (to support, exclusively within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3), educational, charitable, and scientific activities related to, or allied with, the field of geology),
  2. Download and complete the application and email to Please include historical recap and future plans of project.
  3. If the application meets the criteria outlined above, the staff will forward the Foundation Trustees for an action (approve, decline or defer for more information).
  4. If the proposal is approved, the recipient will sign a “Grant Acceptance Agreement” signifying that the grant will be used as intended, progress reports will be provided to the AAPG Foundation, and any unused funds will be returned. Upon receipt of this agreement, a check will be mailed.


Contact a Foundation Representative at (918) 560-2644 or

Funding Documents

Mission Statement

Maintain and grow a permanent non-profit foundation supporting educational and scientific activities in the field of geology.