Funding Restrictions

The AAPG Foundation will not provide funding for activities outside the mission of the organization. This includes the following:

Additional types of requests that are generally not considered:

Proposals submitted of a commercial nature (income producing for the applicant) will not be considered. Research projects are not to be submitted here. For information on the AAPG Foundation Grant Program, contact a Foundation Representative at (918) 560-2644 or

The following proposals will be given a higher priority:

Any funding award which is not used for the purpose outlined in the proposal must be returned to the AAPG Foundation unless written permission is received to change the scope of the original project request.

The AAPG Foundation respectfully requests acknowledgement as a supporter. The name and/or logo may be used for related publicity for this contribution. 

A follow-up evaluation of the project must be received by the AAPG Foundation every six months from the date of approval and upon completion of the project. Please send progress reports with photos to