The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) – Oklahoma State University (OSU) Geoscience and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Consortium exists to create, accelerate and sustain digital peer-reviewed GIS products, carried out through OSU’s Geology and Geography Departments and the AAPG Spatial Publications Standing Committee. The products will have direct application to the search for and development of petroleum and energy-related mineral resources, and / or related to environmental geology or related economic issues.

Example of Projects for Funding Consideration


Letter of Intent Requirement and Guidelines

The Letter of Intent (LOI) should be not more than two pages and include as a minimum the following information:

  1. Project name
  2. Principal investigator (P.I.) and contact information (address, email, phone)
  3. Source organization (if applicable)
  4. Secondary authors
  5. Project proposal summary / abstract
  6. Amount requested (to be completed by AAPG per OSU Cartography Department estimation)
  7. Technical merit; how does this specific project fit into your overall research?
  8. Scope of work (separate PDF attachments of map examples requested)
    1. Description and list of maps
    2. Input file formats
    3. GIS tasks
    4. Technical work
  9. GIS and / or print deliverables
  10. Impact / who will benefit

The Letter of Intent will be reviewed by the Consortia Advisory Committee and should be submitted directly to OSU-GIS Consortium or by mail to:

    AAPG-OSU GIS Consortium
    c/o AAPG Foundation, Attn: Christina Hall
    1444 S. Boulder Avenue
    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119 USA