Applying for Consortium Funding

General Information

Projects proposals considered for funding will focus on one or more of the following: geology, energy, geography and related economic issues. Successful proposals will have a strong GIS component and will stipulate copyright release to the AAPG and/or permission to publish or re-use project findings, as applicable.

Requests in the range from $2,000 to $70,000 will be considered. A member of the Consortium Advisory Committee may contact the person submitting the proposal prior to the committee meeting to clarify points or to get more information.

Project Types

The Consortium funds two types of projects: (1) Research and (2) Cartographic. These project types are not mutually exclusive; there may be significant overlap between them.

(1) Research Projects

Research Projects are generally expected to result in the creation of GIS-based databases, reports and studies. These projects must be connected to Oklahoma State University (OSU), typically with an OSU professor acting as the Principal Investigator.

Research projects may be proposed by:

(2) Cartographic Projects

Cartographic projects will have a heavy cartographic emphasis (maps and derivatives including vectorization, attribution, preparation of metadata and georeferencing). As with research projects, cartographic projects will typically have an OSU professor acting as the Principal Investigator.

The majority of the work will be done at OSU Cartography Services, a university lab within the Department of Geography. Work at the Cartography Services lab will be performed by OSU students as supervised by two Department of Geography staff members.

Throughout the process (from project planning, to project work, and through QA/QC and peer review), the supervising staff members will work closely with the project’s Principal Investigator, the GIS team at Datapages and members of the GIS Publications Committee.

Cartographic projects may be proposed by:

Proposal Applications

Research Proposal Application

Cartographic Proposal Application


Proposals should be submitted directly to OSU-GIS Consortium or mailed to:

AAPGF-OSU GIS Consortium
c/o AAPG Foundation
1444 S. Boulder Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119 USA

Approved projects will require progress reports upon request of the Foundation until the funds are depleted and/or the project is complete.

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