Daniel A. Busch Library Fund

The AAPG Foundation's Daniel A. Busch Library Fund was initiated in June, 1998, through a contribution from Dr. Daniel A. Busch, in the form of a gift annuity. Dr. Busch felt that the Library had been very useful to him during his career, and he wanted to provide a means of supporting its activities into the future.

Established at AAPG Tulsa headquarters in 1978 the Library was created to help fulfill one of the Foundation' s principle purposes:

"To disseminate information relating to the geology and associated technology of petroleum, natural gas, other subsurface fluids, and mineral resources."

Part of the Library’s mission is to assemble a collection of books and resources for the practicing petroleum geologist, as well as the development of publications covering those areas of interest to our divisions: DEG, Division of Environmental Science; DPA, Division of Professional Affairs and EMD, Energy Minerals Division.

The collection includes all AAPG publications; most of the published material from AAPG’ s affiliated societies and sections as well as relevant publications from other domestic and international geological organizations. Included in the collection are various state geological surveys, maps and many pertinent trade publications.

The library has grown by leaps and bounds since 1978. In 1993 the facility moved from the second floor of Pratt Tower to the second floor of Weeks. Access to the collection is now available online. The advent of email provides contact with patrons from around the world and allows us to handle a myriad of requests.

It’s no secret that today’s changing technology and more demanding management expectations require librarians to demonstrate a positive impact on their organizations. The AAPG Foundation Library continues to develop the collection, expand the patron base and assist other departments at headquarters in research. The two librarians are fully qualified and competent in their fields.

Dr. Busch envisioned his gift as the first of many which would be dedicated to the ongoing operation of the AAPG Foundation’s Energy Resources Library. The gift annuity is a unique way of giving to a qualified charitable organization, while at the same time providing a source of income to the donor and/or his named beneficiaries.