Energy Resource Library

Established in 1978, and fully funded by the AAPG Foundation, the library holds as its core collection material published by AAPG and includes publications from AAPG’s affiliated societies and other geological organizations.


Karen Piqune, BS in Geology & MLIS

Karen worked as an exploration geologist before coming to work for the AAPG in their library in 1985.


Monday thru Thursday | 12:30-5:00P.M. CDT

Friday | 12:30-4:30P.M. CDT


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AAPG Foundation Energy Resources Library
P.O. Box 979
Tulsa, OK 74101-0979 USA


AAPG Foundation Energy Resources Library
1444 S. Boulder
Tulsa, OK 74119-3604 USA

Holiday Schedule

We are closed on most U.S. holidays.

Terms on which material and
information are supplied

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation ("Foundation"), a nonprofit scientific corporation, provides the public with various material and information through the Foundation library. The Foundation makes no warranties or representations with regard to such material or information. A person making a request to the library has the sole responsibility to determine whether (a) the material and information provided is appropriate to the request, (b) any other material or information, current or otherwise, is available, and (c) any of the material or information provided is accurate or complete. The Foundation shall have no liability, for negligence or otherwise, to any person with regard to any material or information provided.