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AAPG Bulletin Archive
Bulletin search for Professional and Associate AAPG members. Allows free access to the entire Bulletin Archive from 1917-present. Your member number is your login.
AAPG Pay-Per-View
Allows free searching for entire AAPG publication archives and more. As a per-transactional service, you only pay for the articles you download.
AAPG Search and Discovery
AAPG's free access electronic journal for the upstream petroleum industry .
Department of Energy’s Energy Citations Database
Choose Basic Search or Advance Search icon at the top of the page. Covers 1948-present.
Geological Society of America Publications (online search)
Search and view abstracts of GSA published-articles; pay to purchase articles.
GeoRef Preview Database
GSW, Geoscience World"
A core database aggregation of peer-reviewed geoscience journals indexed, linked, and inter-operable with GeoRef.
The Lyell Collection
Geological Society of London's publications online.
Nature (journal) search
Choose Publications A-Z Index, Browse by subject or Advance Search. Can search for articles at no cost; pay to purchase articles.
A multi-society online library to a broad range of technical literature related to oil and gas exploration and production. Documents can be searched and purchased once found.
Science Magazine advance search
Search articles and view summaries at no cost; pay to purchase articles.
SCIRUS, most comprehensive science-specific search engine on the Internet.
Searches over 250 million science-specific web sites.
Society of Petroleum Engineers elibrary search (now part of OnePetro library)
Search papers and view summaries at no cost; pay to purchase articles.
USGS Books, Reports, and Other Publications
Choose Publications Warehouse to bring up basic search screen.

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