Foundation Priorities

Support of educational opportunities and spreading knowledge around the globe, including continuing education, K-12 students, teachers, academics, university level and society as a whole.
Public Outreach
Dedicated to educating the public on key aspects of geoscience and petroleum geology. Public Outreach opportunities include the sponsorship, training and support of teachers in their efforts to bring more geology-related topics to classrooms, sparking interest of students and encouragement of the geoscience profession.
Undergraduate/Graduate Students
Focusing on support for the university level geoscience student.
Recognition of Educators
Recognizing and rewarding outstanding educators for teaching earth sciences at the K-12 and university levels.
Knowledge Preservation
Providing access to archived geoscience digital library collections.
Dissemination of Information
Continuing to provide swiftly changing technological advances to the geological community through journals and special publications.
Emerging Opportunities
Future-oriented projects that help society through better understanding of geology – especially petroleum geology. Including programs that expose the public to world-renowned geoscientists and training teachers in earth sciences.
Geology graduate students requesting research funding, click here to see more information about Grants-in-Aid.