Foundation Programs

The Foundation proudly supports the endeavors of the world's largest professional geological society, AAPG. Although AAPG is a member driven organization, the Foundation is able, under its 501(c)(3) guidelines, to support AAPG’s educational and scientific activities that benefit the geologic profession and are available to the general public.  

AAPG’s purpose is to foster scientific research, advance the science of geology, promote technology and inspire high professional conduct. The AAPG Foundation’s programs and activities that support AAPG, directly and indirectly, are:

Amoruso Special Publications- AAPG is one of the top petroleum geoscience publishers in the world. Special publications provide members and other industry professionals with focused and timely studies on critical scientific topics.

Awards and fellowships foster and recognize excellence and accomplishment in the geosciences.

Bulletin - publishing costs are partially underwritten by the AAPG Foundation Bulletin Endowment. Delivered digitally or in print monthly, the AAPG Bulletin is one of the most respected, peer-reviewed technical journals.

Digital Products GIS-UDRIL University Subscription- any university has online access to upstream petroleum research by preparing GIS-linked databases and atlases of georeferenced maps and other images.

Digital Products University Subscription- any university has online access to the entire AAPG digital library, which is compiled of over 600,000 pages of map and geological information.

Distinguished Lecture- supports lecture tours on pertinent geoscience topics to universities and geological groups throughout the world.

James A. Hartman Student Chapter Leadership Summit- program offers AAPG Student Chapters from all universities the opportunity to participate in leadership activities.

Description: T. Halbouty Lecture-supports an annual lecture focusing on exploration to be given at the AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition. The subject of the lecture must deal with wildcat exploration in any part of the world, especially in areas where major discoveries might contribute significantly to petroleum reserves or space exploration. The 2013 recipient is Jeff Ventura, President and CEO of Range Resources. The title of his talk is "Range’s Path to Discovery and Commercialization of the Marcellus Shale – the Largest Producing Gas Field in the U.S." He will present this information at the AAPG ACE at Pittsburgh, PA in May 2013.

The Newly Released Publications Program-University Subscription annually donates a new set of AAPG's newly published books and CDs to the university of the donor’s choosing.

Publication Pipeline- program improves geoscience education in developing countries by providing used geoscience books and periodicals at no cost to university libraries and other libraries that request them. Individuals may donate their books to the AAPG Foundation.            

Region Special Lecture- Geoscience lecturers in the AAPG regions are in continuous demand, especially from universities and AAPG affiliated societies. This program is designed to enable regional offices to select top scientists from each region to make a tour within the region, focusing on regional exploration plays and development projects or on current    geoscience/technical issues.

Search and Discovery- publishes online the many talks, posters and videos from AAPG conventions, education workshops and section/ region meetings. This Datapages service is extremely popular among AAPG members, students and the scientific community at large as a form of open access publishing. This free service costs AAPG more than $200,000 per year and your gift will help provide for the continuation of this vital resource.







The Teachers’ Day Program will be held at Pittsburgh, PA on May 20, 2013. There will be hands-on demonstrations of classroom activities and materials to assist teachers in bringing Earth Science alive into the classroom. There will also be a guided tour of the convention with an industry professional. Contact: Dr. Kyle Fredrick, Teacher Program Chair,

Student Field Trips at the AAPG Annual Meeting - The 2012 trip at ACE Long Beach was "Rifting, Transpression, and Neotectonics of the Salton Trough, Southern California." A total of 36 students and faculty advisors visited the Mecca Hills and Split Mountain Gorge. If you or your company would like to contribute toward the May 2013 Student Field trip in Pittsburgh, PA, please contact Bob Clarke or Richard Ball.

Visiting Geoscientist Program- has provided campus visits by active and experienced geoscientists for over 30 years. The program is going strong today; professional geoscientists are sharing their experiences and career insights with students throughout the US, Canada, and more than 30 other countries worldwide. This is an AAPG program.            

Aside from AAPG’s programs and services, other opportunities have been identified in the geologic community that receive support from the AAPG Foundation:

Continuing Education- opportunities for geologists, teachers, and professors.

Bookout Scholarship Program- A new scholarship program has been created to support continuing education for teachers. Funding provided by a generous donation made by John F. Bookout, Jr. The scholarships are for a five-week online course "Earth and Space Science Course" offered by the American College of Education to teach earth and space science to high school teachers across the U.S. The online program began March 2012. The course was co-developed by Higher Ed Holdings and Dr. Rebecca Dodge, Midwestern State University Department of Geosciences in late 2010 – early 2011. The next class will begin January 21st, 2013. Register Now!

The E. F. Reid Scouting program supports the teaching of geology to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and youth in other organizations as determined by the Trustees of the Foundation. With support from the Foundation and input from AAPG members and Boy Scout staff, the current Boy Scout Geology Merit Badge requirements and instructive materials were developed.

Energy Resources Library- makes available to geoscientists its reference/research services either in person, via phone, fax or Email the librarian.

Oklahoma State University (OSU) Geoscience and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Consortium exists to create, accelerate and sustain digital peer-reviewed GIS products, carried out through OSU’s Geology and Geography Departments and the AAPG Spatial Publications Standing Committee. This program is funded by the Boone Pickens Digital Geology Fund.

K-12 Programs- provide teaching resources and training for teachers including:

Geology Kitchen Video Web Series

Geology Kitchen is a twelve episode online video series that uses food metaphors to explain earth science concepts in a fun and entertaining way. The videos are free and can be either watched online or downloaded from iTunes. Dr. Devin Dennie is the writer, producer and host of the Geology Kitchen. He received his PhD from the University of Oklahoma in Geology & Geophysics and has worked on a variety on educational television, video and documentary projects. For more information about Dr. Dennie please consult his official website.

AGI’s Earth Science Week Program

Since October 1998, the American Geosciences Institute has organized this national and international event to help the public gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Earth Sciences and to encourage stewardship of the Earth. This year's Earth Science Week will be held in October and celebrated the theme "Discovering Careers in the Geosciences."

Switch Energy Project- A film, web and education program to build energy awareness and efficiency. Future contributions should be directed to the project by clicking here.

The AAPG Foundation supports many scientific and educational programs. To support any of these programs, click here. To see a list of funds, click here.

To round things out, the Foundation also funds many proposals from other organizations. The Board of Trustees welcome applications for grants to projects and programs which fulfill its mission, based on available funds and at their discretion.
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