GIS-UDRIL University Subscription

map illustrationThrough the GIS-UDRIL University Subscription program, any university has online access to upstream petroleum research by preparing GIS-linked databases and atlases of georeferenced maps and other images.

Your long-term commitment gift to the AAPG Foundation GIS-UDRIL University Subscription allows students at your designated university to directly benefit from four generations of geoscientists’ scientific experiences and achievements. GIS-UDRIL is an expansive project that provides digital products and services to upstream petroleum students and researchers by preparing GIS-linked databases and atlases of georeferenced maps and other images.

The AAPG Foundation GIS-UDRIL University Subscription is a special segment which provides donors the opportunity to give a generous gift directed to benefit the university of their choice. Students will have online access to thousands of maps. The name of the donor and/or the honoree can be prominently mentioned on the university’s log-in page.

Support the GIS-UDRIL Subscription Program

Your gift of $15,000 will open a GIS-UDRIL Subscription in the name of your designated university. You may choose to honor the donor, an esteemed colleague, family member or someone of your choosing.

In addition to projects being created by GIS-UDRIL staff, new GIS collections are also being developed through the AAPG-OSU Geoscience GIS Consortium, a partnership between AAPG and Oklahoma State University. This partnership was created in 2008 when the AAPG Foundation received a generous $10 million long-term commitment gift from Mr. Boone Pickens. The gift created the Boone Pickens Digital Geology Fund, which is designated to underwrite the creation of GIS publications along with data acquisition and underlying geological research.

Your gift to the AAPG Foundation presents an amazing opportunity for future generations of geology students to have the best resources available. Your chosen university will continue to educate the leaders in our field. Your chosen university must first have a Digital Products University Subscription.

Current schools include:

Upcoming schools include:

Marathon Oil Corporation

To donate to the Digital Products fund, select it from the donation page drop-down menu. Contact the AAPG Foundation for more information on subscriptions available and timeframes for initiation.

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