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AAPG Bulletin

The AAPG Bulletin is a technical journal that is recognized in the industry as the leading peer-reviewed publication for information on geoscience and the associated technology of the energy industry.

The publishing costs are partially underwritten through the AAPG Foundation Bulletin fund. Delivered digitally or in print monthly, the AAPG Bulletin is one of the most respected, peer-reviewed technical journals.

Bulletin Fund

Finding new sources of oil and gas has never been more important for society than it is today as the United States and other countries struggle to meet their energy needs. Integral to this are the many dedicated geoscientists of outstanding ability and professionalism who are willing to share their technical knowledge -- and the AAPG Bulletin, which is the esteemed vehicle for distribution of this developing technology.

In the first volume of the Bulletin in 1917, J. A. Udden made the statement: “Geology is nothing but the sum of information which has been acquired by a great number of workers in the last century, with regard to how the earth’s exterior has been made and with regard to the changes that it has undergone in the past.” The Bulletin has helped build this sum of information by publishing technical papers discussing sensational new discoveries such as the East Texas oil field and Spindletop through such varied geographical areas such as Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and Maracaibo Basin.

Today, the Bulletin is recognized worldwide as the leading geologic publication for the dissemination of information concerning the geology and associated technology of petroleum, natural gas and other energy-mineral resources. Each year, the Bulletin publishes more than 100 peer-reviewed papers on topics ranging from field development to regional evaluation to such specific areas as source rock characterization.

Current Needs

Although AAPG's movement to digital Bulletin delivery has reduced the program’s cost, the Bulletin needs additional content and an upgrade in its production capabilities to stay competitive in today's scientific publishing market.

A one-time donation specifically focused on the Bulletin would enable this premier scientific journal to:

Investing in the AAPG Bulletin

The AAPG Foundation has created a long-term investment fund for the Bulletin so the highest quality technical work is published for succeeding generations of earth scientists. Many geologists depend on the Bulletin throughout their education and career for research and as a dependable place to release information. Future geoscientists are depending on you to help fund this important medium for sharing scientific knowledge in the geosciences.

To donate to the AAPG Bulletin Fund, go to the donation page and select "Wallace Pratty Bulletin Fund" from the Primary Fund drop-down menu.

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