Digital Products University Subscription

Map illustrationThrough your contribution to the AAPG Foundation Digital Products Fund - University Subscriptions, students and faculty at your designated university can directly benefit from four generations of geoscientists' scientific experiences and achievements. Each university has online access to the entire AAPG digital library, which is comprised of over 1 million pages of map and geological information.

The Digital Products Fund - University Subscriptions is a special segment of the AAPG Foundation Digital Products Fund which provides a way for donors to give a gift to the university of their choice. The Foundation will pay the Digital Products University subscription fee each year so students and faculty will have uninterrupted access to the entire AAPG Digital Library—over a million pages of international, national and regional libraries of petroleum, geology and geophysics information.

How to Support This Program

A one-time gift will establish a subscription in the name of your designated university. There are two contribution options:

  1. 1. A gift of $15,545 will initiate the subscription right away, with $545 paying the first year’s annual subscription fee to Datapages. The remaining $15,000 will be placed in a permanently-restricted fund which will accrue earnings annually. Those earnings will pay the annual subscription fee.
  2. 2. Or, a gift of $15,000 will be placed in a permanently-restricted fund and will accrue earnings annually. The subscription will begin after one year of earnings has accrued.

Your gift honors the donor, an esteemed colleague, a family member, a great teacher or someone of your choosing. The name of the honoree and/or the donor can be prominently mentioned on the university's access page. A certificate will be sent to the university for display.

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To donate to the Digital Products fund, go to the donation page and select "Digital Products - University Subscription" from the Primary Fund drop-down menu.