K-12 Education Initiatives

Teachers’ Day Program

Teacher's Day Program

The Teachers' Day Program invites K-12 science teachers to the AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition. It is designed to explore new methods and technologies to teach the Earth Science Curriculum to their students.

The program includes hands-on demonstrations of classroom activities and materials to assist teachers. Attendees also are given a guided tour of the convention.

AGI's Earth Science Week Program

Since October 1998, the American Geosciences Institute has organized Earth Science Week, a national and international event to help the public gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Earth Sciences and to encourage stewardship of the Earth.

Each year, Earth Science Week is held in October and celebrates a different theme each year.

Geology Kitchen Video Web Series

Geology Kitchen is a 12-episode online video series that uses food metaphors to explain earth science concepts in a fun and entertaining way. The videos are free and can be either watched online or downloaded from iTunes.

Dr. Devin Dennie is the writer, producer and host of the Geology Kitchen. He received his PhD from the University of Oklahoma in Geology & Geophysics and has worked on a variety on educational television, video and documentary projects.

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