Search and Discovery

Search and Discovery is an online journal for geoscientists working in energy fields (primarily oil, gas, and energy minerals). It is published by AAPG/Datapages, Inc. Search and Discovery strives to provide the latest geoscientific information to the greatest number of users in the most expeditious time-frame by means of the most appropriate electronic media.

On Search and Discovery the user will find published the many talks, posters and videos from AAPG conventions, education workshops and section/ region meetings. This Datapages service is extremely popular among AAPG members, students and the scientific community at large as a form of open access publishing.

Support this Popular Program

This free service costs AAPG more than $200,000 per year and your gift will help provide for the continuation of this vital resource.

To donate to the Search and Discovery fund, go to the donation page and select "Search and Discovery" from the Primary Fund drop-down menu.