B. Glenn Galloway

Memorial Grant
Grant 1936-2015

Bedford Glenn Galloway was born July 10, 1936 in Dallas, Texas to Myrtle Prue (Glenn) and Jefferson Benjamin "J.B." Galloway. Glenn passed away peacefully on December 5, 2015 after a two year battle with cancer.

Glenn had a steadfast love of God, others and his family. He would come home early from work each day to play ball with son Greg, always making time for his family. Working hard at business and at his hobbies, he instilled a strong work ethic in those around him. He faced the storms of life with calm assurance, giving others wise counsel when asked. Honest to the core in all his dealings with others, he never sought awards or the acclaim of others, but relished solitude, constantly working on new projects and teaching himself new things. Having grown up on a farm, he taught himself to repair almost anything with materials on hand.

Throughout his life he had a ceaseless wonder of the beauty of God's world around him, leaving a legacy of love for wild places. While hiking on mountain trails at his steady pace, he would stop to point out bear scratches on a tree, some interesting rocks or geologic sites, a patch of blueberries or a rare alpine flower that others might quickly pass by. He left behind beautiful jewelry crafted from rocks dug up in some far location, Da Vinci-like drawings, charts and tables, hand-made furniture and other creations, and a family that loved him dearly.

Glenn's hobbies were jewelry-making, rockhounding, geology, archaeology, flint-knapping, native American Indian lore and artifacts, mountaineering, backpacking, hunting, scuba diving, skiing, jogging, reading, woodworking, astronomy, traveling, bird-watching, sailing and even flying a plane.

He is survived by his wife of 43 years, Diane Caylor Galloway, son Gregory William Galloway and wife Dr. Laura Jean (Sones) Galloway, grandchildren Lilly, Carter and Jonah Galloway, another granddaughter on the way, sister Margaret Ann (Galloway) Rorie & husband Julian Rorie, nephew Christopher Michael Rorie and wife Kimberly Jane (Wooldridge) Rorie, nephew Jason Glenn Rorie, and numerous grand and great-grand nephews and nieces.