2012 Teacher of the Year- Jonna Gentry-Green Mountain High School at Lakewood, Colorado

The AAPG Foundation awarded $5,000 at the April 2012 AAPG Annual Convention to an individual teacher for Excellence in the Teaching of Natural Resources in the Earth Sciences. The award included $2,500 for use under the teacher's supervision for educational purposes and $2,500 for personal use by the teacher. The winner also receives an expense paid trip to the April 2012 Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) to receive the award. The convention was held at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California.

2013 Call for Nominations


  1. Minimum of three years’ full-time teaching experience of K-12. Currently teaching at a U.S. K-12 public or private school.
  2. Teaching at least one unit per year on natural resources. Natural resources are defined as earth materials used by civilization past and present such as:
    1. Organic materials such as petroleum, natural gas, coal and oil shale.
    2. Inorganic substances found in the earth such as mineral ores, building stone and aggregate.
    3. Energy resources from the Earth such as geothermal energy.
  3. Teaching should include the scientific study of these resources, their origin, discovery, extraction and historic and present use. It should also include the preservation of the environment, reclamation, the conservation of resources and the use of earth science knowledge in decision making.
  4. Entries will include the teacher's philosophy and methods of the teaching of natural resources (both content and pedagogy), a description of the unit and two letters of recommendation -- one from a colleague and one from an administrator.
  5. Unit will be evaluated on depth and breadth of concepts (resource origin, discovery, processing, usage and reclamation), creativity of presentation and balanced treatment of information regarding societal need and environmental issues. Please include the length of the unit.

Please click here to download a 2013 entry form!