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Founded more than 50 years ago, the Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP) is an independent center for research and industrial development, education, professional training, and information for the oil, gas and automotive industries. With 2000 employees and a yearly budget of 300 million € it represents one of the world’s largest Research and Development institutes dedicated to the oil and gas industry. R&D carried out in Exploration-Reservoir Engineering addresses key challenges of Exploration and Production, worldwide.

IFP R&D Topics in Exploration and Reservoir Engineering

IFP Research and Development in Exploration and Reservoir Engineering addresses key challenges encountered by the industry in E&P. These are treated in bilateral research and expertise projects or in the form of multi-party consortium studies. The strength of the IFP research depends to a large extent on its multidisciplinary approach, whereby innovative methodologies, analytical techniques, and modelling tools are developed in close collaboration with the geological, geophysical, organic geochemical, and reservoir engineering disciplines.

Examples of R&D topics include: geostatistical and sequence stratigraphic aspects of carbonate reservoir characterisation, stratigraphic forward modelling of carbonate systems (DIONISOS), 3-D hydrocarbon system analysis software, modelling of fluid migration in thrustbelt systems, organic geochemistry of gas and bitumen, 3-D fracture analysis and modelling tools (FRACA), seismic characterisation of reservoirs, 3-D imagery of the pore system, multiphase flow simulation for fractured reservoirs.

IFP Training and Education

The IFP School offers a variety of international postgraduate and professional training programs in the domain of the petroleum industry.

The IFP School offers 1 to 2-year Master of Science programs in Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering (jointly held with Texas A&M University), in Petroleum Engineering and Project Development and in Exploration. It also provides intensive courses for professionals, of shorter duration, such as the 3-month courses in Reservoir Characterisation and Modelling and in Integrated Reservoir Management, which are jointly organised with Imperial College in London.

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