AAPG Eastern Section Named Grant

Established in 1972, the Eastern Section of the AAPG is a non-profit, membership organization dedicated to promoting the utility of petroleum and energy geology. As of last year’s annual report, the Eastern Section boasted over 2,300 members, with more having joined since then.

The Eastern Section holds an annual meeting at a different location each year: a geologic summit where new concepts and theories are exchanged along with job postings and other useful professional information. Accompanying field trips at the annual meeting allow for acquisition of hands-on knowledge of these concepts. Exhibitors at these events are never in short supply- the last annual meeting featured representatives of roughly 35 different governmental agencies, companies and associations on hand to demonstrate their wares.

The Eastern Section of the AAPG serves a number of other functions benefiting the geo-science community. For one, it offers an outreach program for earth science educators at the K-12 level, helping younger students to begin preliminary education in fossil finding, minerals, and rock identification. Presentations by Student Job Quest have also featured in recent meetings of the Eastern Division. It also presents awards to innovators and achievers in the areas of public affairs, education and discovery. Among these are the Gordon H. Wood, Jr. Memorial Award for contributions to the field of energy minerals, and the George V. Cohee Public Service Award for outstanding accomplishments in the sphere of public affairs. A separate class of awards is given for scientific papers and posters presented at the Eastern Section’s annual meeting. Recent awardees have included Paul Edwin Potter (the John T. Galey Memorial Award) and Suzanne Mahlburg Kay (the Outstanding Educator Award.)

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