Datapages Receives $44,700 to Digitize Legacy Collections

The AAPG Foundation Digital Products Fund supports projects that assist in capturing publications into online searchable archives which can be searched by future scientists and students in their study of petroleum geology. Many AAPG Affiliated Societies, Sections and Regions have publications that can benefit the larger community and earn income for the local organization but they do not have the ability (financially or technologically) to build an internet presence or even to digitize their legacy publications for distribution. Providing funds to digitize these legacy publications enables the local organizations to join the AAPG Datapages Archives program to the benefit of all and allows the local organization to earn a modest income to support their other programs. This grant will fund the digitization of the North Texas, South Texas, Alaska, Grand Junction, Assoc Mineria Geol & Petroleo and Mississippi Geological Societies