AGI Receives $50,000 for New Geoscience Center

A major part of the AAPG Foundation’s mission is to promote K-12 geoscience education through programs for science teachers, students and the general public. In support of this mission, the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) has created the Center for Geoscience Education and Public Understanding ( at its headquarters in Alexandria, VA. This Center acts as a clearinghouse for information on: Exemplary Earth science curricula and non-curricular resources; professional development programs for teachers; geoscience career information; educational ancillary materials; the status of Earth science education at the state and national levels; and geoscience outreach programs to schools. The Center also houses the Critical Issues Program, which will provide the most current scientific understanding on geoscience topics of interest to the general public and decision makers.

The purpose of the Center is to serve the geoscience educational and outreach needs of the K-12 schools audience and the general public in the United States. The program fits closely with the AAPG Foundation mission to support geoscience education for both the schools audience and the general public.