Funkhousers Support Stanford, Oberlin and Wooster Geology Libraries

Just boxed up three sets of new publications bound for Oberlin College, Stanford University, and The College of Wooster thanks to Larry and Jean Funkhouser. The Funkhousers generously support AAPG Foundation’s Newly Released Publications Program that supplements university geology libraries with new geoscience publications annually. Long-time AAPG members and Foundation supporters, the Funkhousers began supporting the Newly Released Publications Program in 2011 and have sent a dozen books to each school, providing their family’s alma mater with cutting edge resources to educate future leaders of the geosciences.

You too could support your alma mater by setting up a special fund to provide a set of newly released publications to your designated university geology library. Each publication you send will feature a bookplate attached on the front inside flap.

Join the Funkhousers and the AAPG Foundation by gifting this opportunity for future generations of geology students to have the best resources available. Your alma mater will continue to educate the leaders in our field.