John Robinson joins the Trustee Associates

John Robinson
John Robinson
The AAPG Foundation would like to welcome John W. Robinson to the Trustee Associates. John is the owner of North Ranch Resources in Denver, Colorado. He received a Ph.D in Geology from Colorado School of Mines and B.S./ M.S. degrees in Geology from San Diego State University. His career spans 40 years in the energy industry including work for PEMEX, AMOCO, Forest Oil, Snyder Oil and McMurry Energy. He has been an adjunct instructor at Colorado School of Mines and a volunteer for the U.S. Geological Survey.

John has worked on exploration and development projects throughout the U.S. (including Alaska), Mexico and Canada. Project and prospect evaluation in these areas resulted in proven success in finding commercial hydrocarbons. All of these projects employed a multidisciplinary approach utilizing petrophysical, geophysical, geochemical and petroleum engineering techniques. He has been involved in the exploration/development of large gas fields (Jonah Field in Wyoming) and oil fields (Bakken in North Dakota). He has managed several large, multidisciplinary teams of professionals. His research interests are in fluvial sedimentology and multidisciplinary reservoir studies.

As a member of AAPG, John has served in various roles including national and sectional AAPG meetings, Associate Editor of the AAPG Bulletin, and the House of Delegates. He is a certified by the Division of Professional Affairs. He has received an AAPG Distinguished Service Award and is a two-time recipient of the Wallace Pratt Award for the best paper published in the AAPG Bulletin. He is a member of SEPM, RMAG, GSA, SPE, WGA. He is a registered geologist in the state of Wyoming.