Welcome new Trustee Associates

The Trustee Associates welcome Marty Hewitt (Houston), Priscilla Grew (Lincoln, NE) and James Henderson (Dallas) to the membership. Many thanks to Don O’Nesky, David Hawk and Larry Jones for nominating Hewitt, thanks to Bill Fisher, Bill Crain, Larry Jones and Marlan Downey for nominating Grew, and thanks to Eddie David, Pat Gratton and Jim Gibbs for nominating Henderson.

Members of AAPG who are invited by three Trustee Associates are eligible to join by virtue of their $15,000 contribution to the AAPG Foundation. This contribution may be given over a 5-year period and is tax-deductible to U.S. taxpayers, since the AAPG Foundation is a qualified 501(c)(3) public foundation under IRS tax code.

Thanks to many dedicated contributors, the AAPG Foundation’s operating fund now covers the entire cost of operating the AAPG Foundation. This means that 100% of gifts go directly toward the purpose designated without the need to set aside a portion to cover administrative or overhead costs.

Trustee Associates provide support to the AAPG Foundation by providing counsel and leadership to its Trustees, lending support to its fundraising efforts, and guiding the scientific and educational agenda which it overwrites.

Today, there are more than 275 Trustee Associates who play a stellar role in the development of the AAPG Foundation’s financial resources, thereby dramatically accelerating its ability to support scientific educational programs.