AAPG Foundation and OSU Geoscience GIS Consortium Featured in AAPG Datapages Article

AAPG Datapages features the AAPGF- OSU Geoscience GIS Consortium in this month’s newsletter. This is an update to the program that was started over three years ago between the AAPG Foundation and Oklahoma State University Boone Pickens School of Geology, the OSU Geography Department and the AAPG GIS Publications Committee. Established in 2008 through funding by Trustee Associate T. Boone Pickens, the Boone Pickens Digital Geology Fund accelerates and sustains AAPG Datapages’ Geographic Information Systems (GIS) publishing program through the AAPGF-OSU Geoscience GIS Consortium. For more information, visit the AAPGF-OSU Geoscience GIS Consortium website.