Recognizing Consistent Givers

We would like to recognize the following individuals who have given consistently to the AAPG Foundation over the years.

31 Paul H. Dudley, Jr.
31 James A. Gibbs
28 Thomas A. Fitzgerald
20 Jack P. Martin
25 George Robert Bole
15 Henry C Dean, Jr.
25 Lawrence W. Funkhouser
20 Don O'Nesky
19 Wilson Humphrey
17 Kenneth Eugene Masters
16 Robert Loren Countryman
16 Edward Wyman Heath
16 Terry L. Hollrah
15 Jerome Nicholas Namy
14 Herbert Lee Brewer
14 Daniel Lester Smith
14 Frederic August Tietz
13 Michael C. Forrest
13 Walter Scott Light, Jr.
13 Richard Lawrence Stallings
13 Michael William Strickler
12 Martha Lou Broussard
11 William Gorom Watson
10 Jeffrey M. Rayner