AAPG Foundation Grants $50k to Search and Discovery

Trustees of the AAPG Foundation acted June 23 to assist AAPG Datapages’ Search and Discovery project with a grant of $50,000 in the 2012 fiscal year. This award recognizes the contribution made each year by AAPG Datapages’ popular website to the geoscience community.

More than a million people visited Search and Discovery in 2010, reading and/or downloading 2.6 million documents. Search and Discovery is offered to the public at no charge, for the dissemination of upstream E&P information.

In the last fiscal year (ending June 30, 2011), AAPG Datapages spent nearly $200,000 in support of Search and Discovery. “The grant from AAPG Foundation is very welcome,” says Ron Hart, AAPG Datapages program manager. “We are seeking more support from industry to help continue the mission of this valuable online resource, and several companies are starting to express interest.”

Foundation Manager, Natalie Adams, said, “The AAPG Foundation grant is a one-time gift, for this coming fiscal year only. Search and Discovery is welcome to apply for future funding support, but we all hope sponsors and advertisers will begin to provide the support base so this important online publication can continue to grow. AAPG Foundation is proud to be associated with this project.”

Anyone wanting more information about sponsorship or advertising opportunities should contact Ron Hart at AAPG Datapages.