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Geoscience students researching energy related theses can count on support from the AAPG Foundation – especially during the down times. Investing in education is a top priority for the Foundation. During the 2016-17 grant cycle, AAPG Foundation will award $269,000 to master’s and doctorate students worldwide.

Alex Cheney, a doctorate student at the Colorado School of Mines, received a Foundation grant to conduct research in the San Juan Basin. The grant, made possible thanks to donors John and Erika Lockridge, allowed him to analyze the regional distribution and depositional nature of the Tocito and El Vado sandstones.

Expressing deep gratitude for the honor, Cheney said, “It is exceptionally admirable that AAPG Foundation is able to provide support for students in light of the industry downturn.”

If you are searching for funds to conduct master’s or doctorate level research, you’ve come to the right place. You could be one of our next recipients!

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The application cycle is a competitive one, so get an early start on this opportunity to fund your graduate level research. Application and endorsements are due by 11:59 p.m. (CST) 15 February.

Students enrolled in a geoscience master’s or doctoral program can simply visit our online application to learn more about the process and grant requirements.

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