The AAPG Foundation has a number of committees that assist with various aspects of the Foundation's programs and funds. It also works closely with the Association on several committees listed below.

Audit Committee

This Foundation committee oversees the preparation of the annual audit and the IRS Form 990. They also provide input on the annual selection of the auditor. Members of the Audit Committee are Bob Ardell, Jim McGhay, Lee Backsen and David Worthington. Read their charter.

Distinguished Lecture Committee

The function of the Distinguished Lecture Committee (which consists of approximately 25 members) is to select lecturers and instructors speaking on important and timely geoscientific topics that provide knowledge transfer among petroleum geology professionals, affiliated societies, academia providing outstanding lectures.

To reach these goals, the Distinguished Lecture Committee identifies topics that support science-based business decisions; showcases the state-of-the-art technology and concepts utilized in the oil and gas industry to academia; works internationally to develop a regional program of distinguished lectures; encourages lecturers to develop their presentations into proposals for Special Publications or into manuscripts to be submitted to the AAPG Bulletin; works with lecturers to develop their presentations into workshops; works with other professional societies such as SPE, SPWLA, SEG, and EAGE, in sponsoring inter-society distinguished lecturers.

Education Awards Committee

This Association Committee, formerly known as the Grants-in-Aid Committee, has been responsible for scoring Grants-in-Aid applications since 1989, a few years after the Grants-in-Aid program was established. Members of this committee spend a significant amount of time and talent scoring the Grants-in-Aid applications that are received over the five-month-long application window. The Foundation manages this program. The Academic Liasion Committee is a subcommitee of the Education Awards Committee and annually selects the Foundation's Professorial Award recipient.

Fundraising Advisory Committee

This Foundation committee was preceded by the Financial Campaign Committee, which was formed to lead and oversee fundraising activities in relation to the “Meeting Challenges...Assuring Success” campaign from 2005-11. It was determined that the need to fundraise remains beyond the campaign. Read the details.

L. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant Program Selection Committees

This Foundation committee is responsible for scoring applications for L. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grants. Members of this committee assess applications from undergraduate level geoscience students and student-led geoscience associations (student chapters, associations and clubs) and award top scoring recipients with $500 grants. The grants are intended to support the educational endeavors of undergraduate geoscience students and their student-led organizations.

Military Veterans Scholarship Program Committee

The MVSP Committee recruits and assesses student veterans applying for scholarships to attend educational geoscience programs at the undergraduate level. The program aims to promote education and career opportunities to the veterans, aid in the transition of veterans to educational and civilian technical professions and advance and promote geoscience programs in higher education institutions.

Teacher of the Year (TOTY) Selection Committee

The Teacher of the Year (TOTY) Award was established in 1996 and is presented annually to a K-12 teacher within the United States who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the field of geoscience education. The final TOTY winner receives a $6,000 award which is presented to the individual at the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE). The committee selects a recipient from a finalist list comprised of one candidate from each AAPG section.

The Trustee Associates have several committees.