Requirements And Guidelines For Nomination

While self-nominations are not accepted, nominations from students, other faculty members, industry professionals and others are encouraged. In order to nominate an outstanding professor for this award please ensure that he or she meets the following criteria: 

  • Has a PhD in geoscience 
  • Has a minimum of three years full-time teaching experience at any higher education institution
  • Is a full-time assistant or associate professor within ten years of their initial tenure track appointment at the time of nomination. For professors with more than ten years, please apply for the AAPG Association Grover E. Murray Distinguished Educator Award.
  • Has taught one or more courses that include content that applies to the formation and geological history of earth resources. Earth resources are defined as geologic materials used by civilization past and present, including:
    • Organic materials such as petroleum, natural gas, coal and oil shale; and/or inorganic substances found in the Earth such as mineral ores, building stone and aggregate; and/or non-fossil energy resources from the Earth such as geothermal energy

Course Requirements

Nominees will be evaluated on the content of their coursework and their ability to motivate students to pursue additional geologic studies. Courses will be evaluated on depth and breadth of concepts (resource origin, discovery, processing, usage and reclamation), creativity of presentation, and balanced treatment of information regarding societal need, cost and environmental impacts. 

Course(s) taught by the nominee should include the scientific study of these earth resources, including:

  • Their origin, discovery, extraction and historical and present use 
  • Preservation of the environment including reclamation and the conservation of earth resources 
  • The use of Earth science knowledge in decision making

Nominations Must Include:

  • A copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae, including subjects taught, years in teaching, awards, etc. 
  • A sample description of the course(s) taught by the nominee, such as a copy of syllabus/syllabi 
  • One (or more) letter(s) of recommendation from a student, colleague or department chair that demonstrates the nominee's ability to inspire and motivate students to pursue geological studies and careers 
  • Other supporting documents highlighting exemplary professorial experience (optional)

How To Nominate

We’ve made it easy:

  • Click below to nominate. Log in with your AAPG credentials. Don’t have an account? Sign up for one today!
  • If this is your first time signing into Submittable, you will need to create an account on their site as well.
  • Provide email addresses for both your Project Supervisor and your Department Chair. Once you submit your application, they will be emailed a link to endorse your application.

Awards are announced approximately two months after nomination deadline.


To contact a representative about the Inspirational Geosciences Educator Award, call 918-560-9426 or email us below.