Board Of Trustees

James McGhay

Scott Cameron

Valary L Schulz, Treasurer

Michael Wisda

J. Michael Party

Jeffrey W. Lund


David Curtiss, Executive Director

Members Of The Corporation

The Corporation was formed in 1986 to establish a permanent entity to conduct educational, charitable and scientific activities related to or allied with the field of geology and for additional purposes as stated in the bylaws. There are approximately 20 regular members, 6 Trustee members and 10 Trustee Emeritus Members.

Trustee Emeritus Members

  • William J. Barrett
  • Lee Backsen
  • Paul H. Dudley, Jr.
  • James A. Gibbs
  • William L. Fisher
  • M. Ray Thomasson
  • Jack C. Threet
  • David W. Worthington

Regular Members

  • Bruce Appelbaum
  • Robert J. Ardell
  • William Monroe
  • David Rensink
  • Marvin Brittenham
  • Donald D. Clarke
  • Peter MacKinzie
  • Paul Weimer
  • Richard S. Bishop
  • David H. Hawk
  • Jay G. Henthorne
  • Martin L. Shields
  • Edward A. Beaumont
  • Lee T. Billingsley
  • Richard D. Fritz
  • Charles Sternbach
  • Martin D. Hewitt
  • William A. Morgan
  • Kay L. Pitts
  • Stephen A. Sonnenberg


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