Gifts of Stock

Why give stock? You may see a tax advantage or be able to give a higher percentage of funds. Either way, gifts of stock are an important source of support for the Foundation.

How To Give

Giving a gift of stocks is simple. You can either send your stock gift electronically (DTC #2170) or by mail. It’s easy.

  • Electronically: Send your brokerage firm a gift letter transferring your stock to the AAPG Foundation account at the Commerce Trust Company. Transfer instructions are in this sample letter.
  • Mail: If the stock certificate is held by individual(s) or if you choose to gift a physical certificate, the actual certificate can be mailed with a letter of instruction to deposit the certificate into the AAPG Foundation account at The Commerce Trust Company. Mailing instructions are on page 2 of the sample letter. You will need to transfer ownership on the back of the certificate by writing American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation, Tax ID # 73-1298684 after the phrase “We hereby sell, assign and transfer to... .” All persons listed on the front of the certificate as owners must sign to complete the transfer. All signature(s) must be medallion guaranteed, not notarized. Medallion signature guarantees are available at your bank or brokerage firm.

Important Information

The date of your gift is the date that AAPG received the shares in its account. The value of the gift will be the average of the high and low prices on the day the gift was received into the AAPG Foundation account. You will receive written confirmation of the value and date of your gift for your income tax purposes.

Please return a copy of your letter to:

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation
ATTN: Gift Officer
PO Box 979
Tulsa, OK 74101

The Commerce Trust Company
ATTN: Stacey Winkelbauer
922 Walnut St., Mail Stop TBMZ-1
Kansas City, MO 64106


Call us at +1-918-560-2644 or Stacey Winkelbauer at The Commerce Trust Company at +1-816-853-2529.