The Vision That Started It All

It was 1967, an AAPG President Michel T Halbouty had a vision. He challenged the Association, “Let’s do what we can today to ensure that AAPG and the geosciences will be strong tomorrow.” On April 4, 1967, the AAPG Foundation was officially formed with the signing of the Declaration of Trust.

The Gold Standard In The Making

What We Stand For

Our Vision:

To support a strong and vibrant community of petroleum geology, energy mineral and environmental geology.

Our Mission:

Maintain and grow a permanent non-profit foundation supporting educational and scientific activities in the field of geology.

How We Accomplish Our Vision And Mission:

  • Introducing young students to geology by funding creative educational programming and curriculum developed by organizations specializing in K-12 education. 
  • Placing grants directly into the hands of university students to assist their pursuit of geology degrees and careers. 
  • Enabling professionals to share their knowledge with students worldwide through lectures and visits to university campuses. 
  • Funding programs that provide opportunities for students and young professionals to improve the quality of life for people around the world through humanitarian relief efforts using geoscience technology. 
  • Recognizing outstanding leaders and educators for their achievements in geoscience.



We're here to help. If you have a question about supporting the AAPG Foundation, applying for funds, or anything involving our work, call us at +1-918-560-2644 or email below