Honoring Service. Recognizing Excellence

The AAPG Foundation presents a number of awards and fellowships created to foster and recognize excellence and accomplishment in the geosciences. The winners are leaders in our field, each earning our respect and gratitude for their work.

Honors & Awards

The L. Austin Weeks Memorial Medal is given in recognition for extraordinary philanthropy and service directed to advance the mission of the AAPG Foundation. Established in 2008, it is the Foundation’s highest award. The Board of Trustees and the Executive Director will identify and recommend recipients based on the individual’s merits and service to the Foundation. The recipient must be living at the time of selection.

The Foundation award honors the late L. Austin Weeks, whose philanthropic legacy set an exemplary standard.

Past Recipients

20223 M. Ray Thomasson
2022 James A. Gibbs
2021 Jerome N. Namy
2020 Lee B. Backsen
2019 John F. Bookout, Jr.
2018 John J. Amoruso
2017 Paul M. Strunk
2016 William E. Gipson
2015 David Worthington
2014 James A. Hartman
2013 Robert (Bob) Gunn
2012 William J. Barrett
2011 Jack C. Threet
2010 Larry Funkhouser
2009 T. Boone Pickens
2008 Marta Weeks

The first award established by the Foundation, the Chairman’s Award is given to recognize those who have made extraordinary contributions (monetary or service) to the AAPG Foundation, and also to call attention to the role and value of the Foundation.

The selection committee (Chairman of Trustees, Trustee Associates, and those appointed by the Trustee Chair) identifies and recommends appropriate recipients based on the individual’s merits and service to the Foundation. The award can be made posthumously or given to a living recipient. Presentation is made at a Trustee Associate’s meeting or the Chairmen’s Reception at the annual meeting.

Past Recipients

2023 Larry L. Jones
2022 Richard D. Fritz
2021 Stewart Chuber
2020 M. Ray Thomasson
2019 John H. Silcox
2018 Paul H. Dudley, Jr.
2017 Frank Harrison, Jr.
2016 Donald A. O'Nesky
2015 William L. Fisher
2014 Charles Weiner
2013 Richard Baile
2012 Herbert G. Davis
2011 William E. “Bill” Crain
2010 David “Scotty” Holland
2009 John W. Shelton
2008 Jack C. Threet
2007 Eugene F. Reid
2006 Robert W. Esser
2005 Fred A. Dix, Jr.
2004 Lawrence W. Funkhouser
2003 Hugh Looney
2002 Merrill W. Haas
2001 James E. Wilson
2000 L. Austin Weeks
1999 Michel T. Halbouty

This award is funded through a generous endowment from the late Michel T. Halbouty. It is bestowed to a deserving student (or students) enrolled in Texas A&M University at College Station, Texas. The recipient(s) are to be in good standing pursing a graduate degree in geology, geophysics, or geosciences.

The Teacher of the Year Award annually gives $6,000 ($3,000 for school use under the teacher's supervision for educational purposes and $3,000 for personal use by the teacher) to a K-12 teacher within the United States who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the field of geoscience education. Learn more.

The Inspirational Geoscience Educator Award honors college and university professors who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the field of geoscience education. Each year, one deserving nominee is presented a $6,000 award at the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition Chairman’s Reception. Learn more.

The Trustee Associates Service Award is presented to individuals or corporations who have distinguished themselves in beneficial long-term service through participation in the Trustee Associates. At the discretion of the Foundation Trustees, more than one award may be presented in a given year (but not to an individual receiving the Weeks Medal or the Chairman's Award that year). The Trustees are not obligated to present an award annually.

The Foundation Trustees entertain nominations from within the board, from the Foundation staff and from the Trustee Associates officers. Nominees must be living at the time of selection and be willing to be present to receive the award at the Trustee Associates Annual Meeting or other venue approved by the AAPG Foundation Trustees.

Past Recipients

2017 Robert W. Esser
2016 Richard A. Baile
2015 Paul Strunk
2014 Bob Ardell
2014 Michael Wisda
2013 Ken Masters
2012 Jack Martin

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