Legacy Society

The Foundation's Legacy Society was established in 2008 by the Board of Trustees to honor and recognize donors who have advised the Foundation of their creation of a legacy gift to the Foundation through their estate plans.

If you are committed to supporting the Foundation's mission through a bequest or other planned gift, click here to request details to join the AAPG Foundation Legacy Society. Names of Legacy Society members are also published in the AAPG Foundation Annual Report and distributed to members. Learn more about Estate Planning.

Legacy Society Members

Frant Adler*

Gordon Atwater*

George Anderman*

Karl H. Arleth*

Richard A. and Frances M. Baile

Jessie Von Bandat*

William J. Barrett

Alan Bennison*

Olga Braunstein*

Coleen Elmore Brennan*

Norma P. Carlton*

J. Ben, Jr. Carsey*

Gloria June Chronos*

Denise Cox

George C. Crow*

Russell Alfred, Jr. & Mary C. Dorsey*

Jeanne Fowler*

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Friedman*

John L. Garlough*

David Egleston

James A. Gibbs

William E. Gipson

Dorothy Jean Gore*

Peter G. and Julaine R. Gray

Horace L. Griley*

Bob Gunn

Dollie Radler Hall*

Raymond Paul Henkel

William B. Heroy*

Charles J. Hoke

Robert R. Jordan

John R. and Patricia J. Kerns

John and Dorothy Kilkenny*

Quinn Laukel

Suzanne Lauth*

John Lockridge

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Looney*

Robert Lincoln Maby*

Duncan A. and Eileen McNaughton*

Ruth L.  Moore*

Harry K. Moore*

Sidney A. Parkans*

T. Boone Pickens

Wayne A. Pryor*

Tony Reso

Aura Sawyer*

Suzanne Taaken*

Elizabeth Teagle*

Ray Thomasson

Cullen Thompson*

L.P. Teas*

Jack C. and Catherine I. Threet

Pete Underwood

Vic and Dorthy Veroda

Alexander Wanek*

Lewis G. Weeks*

L. Austin Weeks*

Marta S. Weeks-Wulf

Frank G. Weimer*

James E. Wilson*

Raymond D. Woods*