Newly Released Publications Program-University Subscription

bookshelfSupport students at the university of your choosing through the AAPG Foundation Newly Released Publications Program-University Subscription.

By establishing a long-term term fund with a one-time gift of $13,250, students at the university of your choice can directly benefit with access to a continually new supply of geology publications. Through your gift, a set of newly-released publications are mailed to the university annually. Each publication will have a bookplate attached in the front inside flap. The donor will receive a certificate to recognize their gift. This gift may be made in honor or in memory of someone.

In 2011, the first subscription was created by Larry Funkhouser for Oberlin College, Stanford University and The College of Wooster to each have a new set of publications in their geology library each year.

Kansas State University was endowed by Ken Macho.

Your gift to the AAPG Foundation presents an amazing opportunity for future generations of geology students to have the best resources available. Your chosen university will continue to educate the leaders in our field.

To donate to the Newly Released Publications Program Fund, go to the donation page and select it from the Primary Fund drop-down menu.

For more information contact:

Tamra Campbell, Administrative Rep.
(918) 560-2644 • Toll-free: 1-855-302-2743