Judging Guidelines

Required Materials

  1. Cover sheet.
  2. Teacher's philosophy of teaching.
  3. Unit description.
  4. Letter of recommendation from colleague.
  5. Letter of recommendation from administrator.

Note: If any of these are missing, the application should not be accepted. If time permits, the chairman can contact the teacher to request the missing items.

Award Requirement

  1. Three years full-time teaching experience.
  2. Teaches at least one unit per year on natural resources.
  3. Unit fits definition of natural resources as stated in application.

Note: If any of these requirements are not met, the application can be rejected.

Content Guidelines

Teaching should include:

Scoring Categories


  1. Letters of Recommendation (a good place to look for teacher-student relationship).

Philosophy of Teaching Natural Resources – Methods

  1. Student/Teacher relationship – student (good) or teacher centered.
  2. Labs/Hands-on Activities/ Field Observations.
  3. Application of skills.
  4. Data interpretation.
  5. Problem solving.
  6. Presentation of results.
  7. Use of inquiry approach (as per 1996 National Science Education Standards).

Unit Specifics – Content

  1. Origin of resources.
  2. Discovery of resource.
  3. Extraction of resource.
  4. Historic use and present use.
  5. Conservation of resources.
  6. Preservation of the environment.
  7. Reclamation.
  8. Use of earth science knowledge in informed decision making.
  9. Energy resources development (because AAPG's main focus is on energy resources development, subjects in this area should receive these extra points).

Unit in General

  1. Depth and breadth of concepts.
  2. Creativity of presentation (note- the material doesn't have to be innovative; we are looking for excellence in teaching the material).
  3. Balanced treatment of information regarding societal need and environmental issues.
  4. Clarity and accuracy of expression.

Overall Impression of Excellence in Teaching

Additional Comments

  1. Since AAPG's main focus is on energy resources development, teachers who include subjects in this area should receive special consideration.
  2. In concert with the 1996 National Science Education Standards, a teacher's use of the inquiry approach in teaching should be given extra consideration.
  3. We deliberately have not set any required unit length. The information on length is to help judge the content, not be a hurdle.

Rev. August, 2018