Submission and Application Timeline

Application Submission

Geological societies across the U.S. are encouraged to submit a recipient to their appropriate AAPG Section for consideration. AAPG Sections will choose a candidate from among the pool of candidates they receive. AAPG Sections will then forward their semi-finalist to the AAPG Foundation for final selection by a panel of judges.

The award includes $3,000 to the recipient's school and $3,000 for the recipient's personal use. In addition, the recipient will receive an expense-paid trip to the Annual Convention & Exhibition (ACE) to receive the award.

Application Timeline

Teachers may apply directly through their local geological society. If they do not know their local society, they should submit their entries online to the Foundation. The application will be forwarded to the appropriate AAPG Section for consideration.

The application should consist of material taught during the academic year ending the previous Spring or Summer semester.

Jan 15

Deadline for Teachers

to submit applications to local societies or online to the AAPG Foundation.

Feb 1

Deadline for the AAPG Sections

to turn in their selected candidate to the AAPG Foundation. The finalists will be sent to the panel of judges.

Final Selection

Feb 15

Deadline for Judges

to select the final recipient. The recipient will be notified shortly after decision is made.

Teachers may apply directly to their local geological society or submit an online application by January 15. The application will be forwarded to the appropriate section. Local deadlines vary. Entries received too late will be saved for the following year. Please view the map to find your AAPG Section and contact the Foundation to ensure your application is forwarded to the correct recipient.

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