Mruk Family Named grant

In memory of my Father, Anthony Thomas Mruk, July 6, 1926 - August 12, 2009. My father was truly a master of many trades. If he could see it, he would draw it, and then build it. When you have a good idea, put it on paper, and then make it a reality.

In honor of my Mother, Elizabeth Plesa Mruk. My Mother is a uniquely creative person. There are no rules or “boxes” or limitations in her thinking. If you have an idea, believe in yourself, and share your vision.

In memory of my Aunt Sophia Mruk, August 19, 1919 - September 24, 2003. Aunt Sophie set very high standards for excellence. When she did anything it was done to perfection. When you take on a project, take the time prepare, execute, and finish the project. Uphold your standard of excellence.

In honor of my Aunt Frances Regina Mruk. Aunt Frances is a voracious reader and has an uncanny ability to predict current trends based on how events were reported in the past. Learn from those that have published or explored for energy resources before you. Look for trends that will keep you one step ahead of conventional thinking.

In honor of my Aunt Rose Mruk. Aunt Rosie taught me at a young age that, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Understand the importance of building a network and take the time to grow and maintain that network. Make sure what you know and who you are makes you worth knowing.

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