Ohio Geological Society Named Grant

The Ohio Geological Society is an AAPG affiliate formed in Columbus in 1961 (affiliated with the AAPG since 1963), with the purpose of advancing geologic knowledge pertaining to oil, petroleum, natural gas, coal, and other natural resources. As per the Society’s constitution, emphasis is also placed upon fostering inter-organizational activities and encouraging scientific research through membership. The Society has worked closely with organizations such as the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and their Division of Geological Survey, and Ohio State University’s School of Earth Sciences. The OGS also hosts or participates in workshops on a variety of geological topics; from both a historical perspective and a speculative one. Past workshops and seminars have dealt with, among other things, energy resource developments and production possibilities in the Appalachian basin of Eastern Ohio.

Numerous print publications are available from the Society, dealing with local geological knowledge (such as the Morrow County “oil boom” of the 1960s) and its relevance to the larger picture of geological study. Other contemporary issues, such as petroleum seismology in the digital age and computer analysis of geologic data, have been covered in depth by the Society’s publications, which have also reproduced petrologic logs, index maps and geophysical data of value to both the novice and seasoned explorer. Reprints of selected historical papers are also included within these publications. Compiled by independent geologists and geophysical consultants, the OGS reports and surveys offer a useful cross-section of information on natural, economic, and scientific factors forming the larger picture of geologic study.

Membership in the OGS is also available on four different levels- student associate membership, associate membership, active membership and honorary life membership.

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