Angelo State University Geology Professor Receives 2015 Professorial Award

Dr. Joe Satterfield, Professorial Award Recipient, 2015
Dr. Joe Satterfield, Professorial Award Recipient, 2015
Joseph Satterfield, Ph.D., a geology professor at Angelo State University (ASU) in San Angelo, TX., has been selected to receive AAPG Foundation’s 2015 Professorial Award.

Satterfield is well known at ASU for leading the department to offer “more, longer and better geology field projects,” providing outstanding mentorship to his students, and designing and teaching seven new upper-level geology courses for the BS in Geoscience and Earth Science Minor.

Acclaimed by his colleagues and students for his unique teaching style, the chair of ASU’s Department of Physics and Geosciences, David Bixler, described Satterfield as “an excellent teacher and mentor” saying he has been “one of the ‘go-to’ faculty on campus for advice on teaching and pedagogy.” Bixler continued sharing that not only has Satterfield imparted his knowledge on his students, he has also “taught his colleagues many concepts in Geology that are now used in making interdisciplinary connections in the University’s Physics and Physical Science classes.”

His classroom work with his students is described as top-notch and bested only by his phenomenal ability to train students in the field. “I have witnessed firsthand the enthusiasm in which he teaches student to use their compasses or the excitement when he shows a particularly interesting outcrop,” said Bixler. “The Geosciences program at ASU could never have succeeded without a solid teaching and training foundation that Satterfield provided.”

In closing, Bixler added that the university is “quite fortunate to have a world-class professor like Joe Satterfield in the classroom and in the field with (ASU) students.”

Satterfield is certainly deserving of this recognition for his continued contribution to the education of aspiring geoscientists.

The Professorial Award is given annually as an effort to encourage geoscience professors to stay current on industry trends and cutting edge technology to share with their undergraduate and graduate students, further enhancing the field of geoscience research. Professorial Award recipients receive a $1,000 award, recognition at AAPG’s Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE), and a beautiful commemorative plaque acknowledging the achievement.