Announcing 2014 Grants-in-Aid Awards

The turnout of Grants-in-Aid applications for this year’s cycle of awards was yet again tremendous. In 2014, the Grants-in-Aid Committee scored more than 375 applications. The Foundation is proud to share that 91 graduate and doctoral students studying various fields of geoscience received a total of $207,750 in funds. These funds are available annually thanks to our named grants, most of which bear the names of generous donors and pioneers in the industry.

The number of Grants-in-Aid student applications has continually risen over the years, and the volunteer-driven Grants-in-Aid Committee has graciously stepped up to the challenge and embraced the task of scoring the hundreds of applications from across the world. The volunteer team of nearly 60 committee members worked hard over the past two months to score this years round of applications.

The AAPG Foundation’s Grants-in-Aid program has a long, respected history of promoting research within the geosciences. Since the program’s inception, grants have been awarded annually to graduate students who are currently enrolled in Masters or Ph.D. programs and whose thesis research has application to the search for and development of petroleum and energy-mineral resources, and/or to related environmental geology issues.

This year’s Committee Chair, Andy Klein, led the committee’s efforts. “This group has the privilege of funding the cutting edge of petroleum, energy minerals, and environmental science,” Klein shared. Klein believes that committee members get back as much as they put in. “(Committee members) get to see first-hand the future of our industry. I am excited to lead such a hard working bunch, where many members are on the tenth or fifteenth year of a three-year commitment,” Klein said. “They keep coming back because the work is so rewarding – to everyone involved.”

A complete list of 2014 award winners may be found here. These students will soon be heading to the field or the lab to conduct their research projects. We wish them all of the best with their projects, and thank them in advance for their contributions to advancing the geosciences.

Special “Thank You!” to the 2014 Grants-in-Aid Committee Members
Committee Chair: Andy Klein
Committee Vice Chair: Mike Unger
Executive Committee Liaison: Randi Martinsen, AAPG President Elect

Adebayo Akinpelu Julia Wellner
Alexander Kitchka Kenneth Schwartz
Ameera Al Mustafa Kevin Barnes
David Sivils Kevin Keogh
Cornelius Barnes Kevin Meyer
Christopher Zahm Larry Knox
Cesar Ardiles Mary Parke
Ben Kilhams Matthew Buoniconti
Aus Al-Tawil Michael Nix
April Parsons Mihaela Ryer
Anthony Grindrod Nadeem Ahmad
Andrew Cullen Nancy Fix
Andrei Panaiotu Neil Barnes
Ameera Al Mustafa Nikki Morris
Denise Cox Pamela Stephens
Denise Hodder Peter MacKenzie
Edgar Guevara Ralph Baird
Eric Potter Raul Cabrera-Garzon
George Ardies Raymond Garber
George Grover Richard Lovell
Grant Wach Richard Whittington
Henry Legarre Robert Corwin
Jean Hsieh Sourav Saha
John Steinmetz Thomas Cronin
Johnnie Wanger Victoria French
Jonathan Allen W. Smith
Josh Hickman William Houston

More grants for graduate and doctoral level research are still needed. This year we were only able to award 24% of our hopefuls. To learn more about establishing a Grants-in-Aid award, contact Program Coordinator, April Hastings, at (918) 560-2664 or at the office toll free, 1-855-302-2743.

A gift of $25,000 will ensure an annual grant of $1,000 for years to come. You may also here for more information on creating your own named grant.