Chairman's Award Announced

The AAPG Foundation Trustees unanimously selected Charles “Chuck” Weiner as the 2014 Chairman’s Award recipient. The Chairman’s Award was the first award established by the AAPG Foundation. It is to be given to recognize persons who have made extraordinary contributions (monetary or service) to the AAPG Foundation, and also to call attention to the role and value of the Foundation.

Presentation will be made at a Trustee Associate’s meeting or the Chairmen’s Reception at the AAPG ACE.

Chuck is married to Anita Weiner and they reside in Houston. He has been a Trustee Associate since 1979, and has supported a variety of Foundation programs including K-12 Education, Grants-In-Aid and the General Fund. Some of his contributions were made in memory of dear friends such as Fred Dix, Jr., Paul Moore Hardwick, Jr., Merrill Haas, Bruno Hansen, Don R. Boyd and James M. Forgotson, Sr.

Weiner is the Chairman of Westerly Exploration, having served in that position with the Texas Crude Group. The orig

inal Texas Crude Company was formed in 1941 by Charles Weiner, Stanley Weiner, Ted Weiner and their sister, Marjorie Weiner Bodzy. Their exploration efforts originated in the Permian Basin of West Texas where their father, Sam Weiner, had operated a pipe yard, machine shops and drilling rigs as well as a small refinery. In 1967 when the companies merged with the Fluor Corporation, they were the fourth largest drilling company in the world with offshore rigs, marsh barge rigs and land rigs operating on three continents and offshore. Charles Weiner remained in exploration and managed the division of the group known as Texas Crude, Inc. Its exploits led it to seven states in the United States, Canada, Australia and China. Together with an affiliate, Frontier, they operated in North Africa, the Middle East and the Orient. Westerly Exploration began its independent operations in 2004.